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Electrical ICU Cots On Sale In Bangalore

When it comes to intensive care units (ICUs), ICU cots come mandatory. These beds contribute to the treatment and supervision of critically ill patients. These patients need dedicated nurses and call for continuous monitoring. Moreover, other tools, such as feeding tubes or ventilators, also cater to the high-dependency care requirements of ICU patients.

That is why ICU beds must comply with some specific requirements. ICU beds must be electric. That means ICU beds must feature a control panel or handset. It eliminates the need for manual repositioning of the ICU bed. Besides, ICU cots must come with Trendelenberg positioning features and a cardiac chair. Such positions streamline circulation as well as respiration to support the body functions of the patients.

An ICU bed should have a pressure-relieving mattress, such as a replacement or foam air mattress. Also, ICU cots come with proper dimensions to comply with such mattresses.

High-quality electrical ICU cots feature electric motor. The remote control is present for controlling it. However, manual control is also possible. These ICU cots are compatible with various positions of patients, such as leg rest, backrest, and back & leg rest. When it is about electrical ICU cots on sale in Bangalore or electrical ICU cots on rent in Bangalore, a diverse range of options are there. The must-have features in this regard are higher functional life, anti-corrosive, impressive quality, effective utilization, and so on.