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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a prominent medical device, which is all about providing oxygen to people. Various breathing-oriented ailments call for this device. On the other hand, some people suffer from less oxygen concentration in their blood as compared to fit and fine ones. Hence, the oxygen concentrator device is needed in this regard as well to attain a proper condition.

Who requires Oxygen Concentrator on Rent?

The Patients suffering from respiratory problems like pneumonia, asthma, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPG), sleep apnea etc., are required to use oxygen concentrator for long duration of time, hence taking on rent will be a cost effective solutions for them. Smishcare provides the Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in Bangalore with affordable price

How to choose an Oxygen Concentrator?

  • 1. Maintenance cost should be very low
  • 2. The machine should be Easy to port.
  • 3. The machine should not make noise.
  • 4. Overall power utilisation should be excellent.
  • 5. It should be Lightweight and not very bulky.
  • 6. It should be small and sleek in shape.

What all models are available in the market?

Based on their model and features , smishcare offers the wide range of oxygen concentrator machine for the price range from INR 43,500 to INR 1,80,000.

The Oxygen Concentrator of Philips EverFlo is favouring innovation and development, compact, efficient and easy to handle oxygen machine that save your time and money over the course of ownership. It is one of the bests selling oxygen concentrators with its compactness and sleek design and only 14Kg in weight. It provides seamless oxygen therapy at home. The oxygen machine is available in 5 litre model and it does not make any noise. The efficient device does not require of changing the filter for upto two years.

How does an oxygen machine work?

Well generally the Air is made up of 20 percent oxygen and 80 percent nitrogen In general terms, an oxygen concentrator purifies the air it receives, into pure oxygen which the patient can breath in through a mask. The patient breaths purified air that consists of 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen and 5 to 10 percent nitrogen.

Filters and Sieve beds in the oxygen concentrator help to remove nitrogen from the surrounding air, which results in pure oxygen suitable for intake through a nasal cannula or mask. It has an in-built cooling mechanism that keeps it from overheating and the machine works by compression.

How to get an Oxygen Concentrator on Rent?

If you have made you mind to use an oxygen concentrator on a rental basis instead of purchasing it. We at smishcare offer a hassle free experience at your doorsteps with rentals starting from INR. 7,000 per month. Our experience and professionally trained installation experts will demonstrate the machines proper usage and assist you in the best possible way. Once after the installation. Our customer care team is there to provide you 24 x 7 support. Please call us on 91 96638 28935 / 76194 56208 or email customercare@smishcare.com our customer care executive will contact you.

Smishcare provides Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in Bangalore at affordable cost. We are well known in Bangalore for our Oxygen Machine rental services. Contact smishcare for getting Oxygen Machine on rent at very competitive price.

Advantages of Taking Oxygen Concentrator On Rent

When you are in need of an Oxygen Machine for yourself or for someone else, then you will think of having it on rent. Isn’t it? Then obviously most of the people would do that for these reasons. Here are few advantages of having oxygen machine on rent instead of buying it.

Rental cost is cheaper than buying a new one:

Taking Oxygen Machine on Rent will cost you less money as you need it for less amount of time. Rental price of Oxygen Machine will cost you anywhere between 7000 to 7500 per month It depends on which type of machine you want to hire.