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Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter is a popular medical device, which calculates the levels of oxygen saturation in one’s blood. It is a portable, small, and non-invasive machine that is attached to an individual’s finger, ear lobe, or toe.

The pulse oximeter comes with a spot-check monitor for fast checking of the efficiency of the body- how it can send blood to various organs from the heart as well as lungs. A pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. The measurement of blood oxygen saturation shows the percentage of blood saturated in the body.

In short, it is an approximate amount of oxygen that is transmitted by the RBCs (red blood cells). The pulse rate is the heart rate only. It shows the count of heartbeats per minute.

A pulse oximeter can figure out the efficiency of the heart. It checks whether the heart can pump the oxygen all around the body. Doctors can recommend pulse oximeters to some patients to keep track of their SpO2 levels on a day to day basis. Cardiac or respiratory conditions could impact the blood oxygen saturation levels in the body.These situations require patients to carry pulse oximeters everywhere to monitor the oxygen saturation levels then and there, as per their needs.